The list of challenges facing UK businesses in the coming winter months are formidable:

  • Inflation
  • Interest rate hikes
  • Continuing supply-line issues
  • Energy prices
  • Transport costs
  • Economic slow-down
  • Possible recession

Now we will have a reasonable understanding of government support measures and tax changes (following Chancellor Kwarteng’s recent announcements and U-turn) now is the perfect time to sit down and see how these changes and challenges will affect your business plans in the coming months.

Plans we made weeks or months ago are likely to be out-paced by real-world events. The change of economic emphasis, the continuing war in Ukraine and other events are all contributing to a sense of uncertainty that can only be addressed by rigorous attention to revision of your business forecasts.

Please call if you would like our help. We can assist with the number crunching and the interpretation of reports prepared. We can also help you brainstorm strategies to see you through challenges ahead.

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