Sole practitioners are at a disadvantage if they do not have “another pair of ears” to bounce ideas off or discover new routes to a solution.

Stepping across the office to discuss a knotty problem with a colleague is a time-honoured way to solve a problem or at least open new perspectives on that problem.

Whilst sole practitioners may spend their days watching the same four walls, communication channels have opened the world and it’s a simple matter to pick up your phone or start an email thread.

The key is to develop trusted relationships with other practitioners and to recognise that no adviser is an island and network accordingly.

Who knows, these early discussions may lead to higher level collaborations and maybe formal partnerships?

Psychology will be at work here, are you a trusting person or suspicious of others? 

But if you work alone this does not preclude you building a network of support. After all, this will benefit your clients and increase the range and value of your advice.

Source: New feed