The list of offshore funds that have applied for and been approved for reporting fund status, has been updated. The list comprises over 65,000 funds within the definition of an offshore fund that have successfully applied to HMRC for reporting fund status.

Under UK rules, a fund is obliged to publish, for each of its accounting years, details of Reported Income per share for any of its share classes that have Reporting Status. Investing in an offshore fund that does not have reporting fund status can significantly
impact the tax consequences of such an investment.

The reporting fund list is updated on a monthly basis, the most up-to-date list includes the funds that have entered the reporting fund regime as at 7 November 2018 and includes details of:

  • reporting fund reference
  • previous distributing fund reference
  • name
  • sub fund reference
  • ISIN number
  • SEDOL number
  • CUSIP number.

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