The government has published updated information about flexi-job apprenticeships using an approved agency and new information about the portable flexi-job apprenticeships pilot. Flexi-job apprenticeships take place in sectors and occupations that often use short-term contracts or other non-standard employment models. 

Employers and apprentices can use an approved flexi-job apprenticeship agency where the agency:

  • employs the apprentice for the duration of their apprenticeship
  • arranges a number of placements with different host businesses.

The updated information on flexi-job apprenticeships using an approved agency includes a new “quality framework for flexi-job apprenticeship agencies” and an updated version of the “conditions of registration for flexi-job apprenticeship agencies”. 

An approved agency is not, however, required for a portable flexi-job apprenticeship. These are currently being trialled in a pilot scheme which is limited to certain apprenticeship standards and training providers. Apprentices who take part in portable flexi-job apprenticeships:

  • undertake a series of shorter contracts
  • agree placements directly with multiple employers (rather than using an agency)
  • are supported by their training providers
  • can pause and restart their learning where needed.

Employers taking part in the pilot scheme commit to a minimum three-month apprenticeship contract, instead of the usual twelve months. The new information on portable flexi-job apprenticeships provides more details about the pilot scheme, including a list of eligible apprenticeship standards and a list of providers taking part in the pilot.

Source: New feed