As scientists would be quick to confirm, oil and water do not mix. At best they will emulsify creating a treacle that will neither quench your thirst nor stop onions burning in your frying pan.

However, blending two oils in such a way that together this enhances their usefulness, and you have the makings of a productive partnership.

This is the dilemma facing practitioners that are turning to a merger to grow their practice.

As the opening analogy suggests, care needs to be taken to ensure that you are going to get on with your proposed new partner. They may demonstrate brilliant progress in building their present practices but be a ‘difficult’ person to work with.

Your best bet is to work together on projects for a period of time and then consider more formalised merger negotiations if no warning signs become apparent.

Returning to our opening remarks there has to be synergy between the merging firms. You need to be able to communicate effectively and ensure that both parties can align on key issues.

Otherwise, you may be faced with an expensive unpicking process as you watch your frying pan burn.

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