Low impact but high frequency solutions may be as useful as high impact, low frequency interventions.

Clients may perceive that saving £200 a month will not have much, immediate impact on their cash flow as a one-off saving of £2,400, and yet the annual effect on cash flow is the same.

Also, it is more likely that a number of smaller cash flow savings can be achieved than multiple large value savings.

Time to dust off your spreadsheet skills and offer clients an insight into why smaller high frequency savings can be as impactful – if not more relevant – than one-off larger savings.

The truth is, both types of savings are desirable.

Frequency is also a distinction advisers should be promoting. Recurring, ongoing savings can provide lasting savings to a client, whereas one-off savings have a time limited impact.

There is something satisfying about taking an action now that has benefits into the distant future. Rather than laying one brick, build a wall.

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