We are all getting used to working in a range of situations at home. Some of us have the added distraction of child-care to consider as well as balancing your laptop on the corner of the kitchen table.

Take care when calling clients in this situation as they need to feel that they have your undivided attention. And be sure to feed-back their concerns or requests for help if you are unable to deal with their difficulties. Don’t forget that most clients are faced with the same home working difficulties as we are. If appropriate, ask how they are coping, share your experiences.

For the record, clients obliged to work from home may be to claim for the following home based expenses – with the proviso that any private use may disqualify or reduce the claim:

  • An allowance to cover heating etc, HMRC will allow £4 a week (£6 a week from April 2020) with no questions asked.
  • Broadband set up at home for businesses use only.
  • Mobile costs for business calls.
  • If clients need to use their own car when based at home for restricted business use, then the usual tax-free mileage rates can be claimed.

Flag up any issues with IT or the cloud software we use. As broadband is a must-have in this situation call for support if you are experiencing downtime for any reason.

And keep in touch.

In particular, network with your co-workers/practice manager if you cannot solve a particular issue. The old adage “two heads are better than one” has never been more relevant.

Source: New feed