In certain circumstances when HMRC is unable to collect outstanding debts, taxpayers may be visited by debt management and banking field force collectors. These visits can take place at a taxpayer’s home or business premises.

Advance warnings are made to taxpayers to inform them that a visit may take place to arrange collection of an outstanding debt. New arrangements have recently put in place so that taxpayers can check that an unrecognised visitor is genuine.

In order to verify that the caller is from HMRC, taxpayers should follow the instructions below:

  • Ask to see the Collector’s photo ID
  • Make a note of the ID number on the photo ID
  • Call the helpline on 0300 200 3862
  • Provide HMRC with the caller’s ID number

HMRC will then verify whether or not the caller is genuinely an HMRC collector. HMRC has also produced a leaflet that they will present at the start of the visit. The leaflet explains the purpose of the visit together with highlighting the rights and responsibilities
of taxpayers.

Source: New feed