There is nothing like blue skies and summer temperatures to make working behind a computer screen seem a less than desirable activity.

Add to the mix that you are working at home and the lure of the deckchair may break the resolve of even the most ardent worker.

One way to counter this is to offer flexitime working. If the work gets done could time be taken out after lunch – for a well-earned nap under the apple tree – and then pick up and finish tasks in the evening?

One thing is for sure, it pays to have a written and agreed policy and effective task management to make sure the work is completed.

In the absence of firm regulation, tasks will drift into the future and require less palatable actions. Unfortunately, human nature will likely exploit lack of direction. In which case, is there an argument in favour of some sort of “limited” flexi-time arrangement such that staff can take time out but responsibly, and with the knowledge that the job must get done, albeit, at times of the day normally considered to be personal time?

Source: New feed