Practitioners will no doubt be monitoring the activities of staff, working from home, during the current lock-down period. Did you manage to sort out the logistics of collecting, processing, and returning records to clients?

Without a doubt, those practices that have invested in cloud accounting solutions will be thanking their lucky stars and no doubt benefitting from the easy access to client’s records during this difficult time.

No doubt there have been set-backs but if staff working from home has some merits could this point the way to efficiencies in the future?

For example, the next time your practice expansion leads you to consider a larger office to accommodate more staff, could you consider desk sharing?

This could facilitate double the numbers of staff working in the same space if they all worked part of the week at home and part in-office; rotating office attendances.

Food for thought as the fixed overhead costs of increased office space are significant.

If the coronavirus has facilitated any positive outcomes it has demonstrated that we can work smarter. Perhaps desk-sharing is an option we should consider?

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