Acas has published its findings from a new hybrid working survey which indicates that 60% of employers have seen an increase in hybrid working for staff compared to before the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The survey also found that over half of employers have seen an increase in staff working from home full time. 

Following the survey, Acas has updated its hybrid working guidance originally published in 2021 to cover both working from home and hybrid working, and the guidance is now divided up into the following four categories: 

  • requests for home and hybrid working 
  • health, safety and wellbeing when working from home
  • policies for home and hybrid working
  • managing staff who work from home.

Its advice for employers includes:

  • putting in place a hybrid working policy which explains how a worker can request hybrid working, how job roles will be assessed and how decisions will be made
  • ensuring staff who are working remotely have access to the same opportunities as those in the workplace, e.g. team building activities, training and social activities
  • ensuring decisions around whether to approve requests for hybrid working are fair and transparent – and other forms of flexible working may be discussed as possible alternatives
  • ensuring employees have the necessary equipment and information to work safely from home
  • complying with the law on working hours, including adequate rest breaks, as employees working from home may struggle with switching off from work
  • considering having a trial period to test hybrid working and to establish if any further adjustments to arrangements are needed.

Source: New feed