We are provided with updates that will keep you in-step with the various COVID-19 plans and schemes to support SMEs through the current “lock-downs” and other disruption.
Read them…
Apart from this essential update process the same information, in accessible forms, is being sent to clients and prospects.
When you speak to clients in the coming weeks we need to listen and act on their concerns. Hence the title of this short article, we need to brush-up our listening skills.
To start with, make sure you ask at least one open-question when you speak to clients on any issue. For example, “how are you” or “how are you managing with all this disruption”.
And very definitely, before you close any conversation, ask the question “is there anything we can do to help?”.
If you pick up the phone to speak with clients your conversation with them is our eyes and ears on their concerns. Make notes of what you have said, what the client has requested and any advice you may have offered. Make sure that the relevant partner or client manager is kept in the loop.

There is a clear path from encountering a problem to enacting the relevant solution:

  • Identifying the problem
  • Communicating the problem
  • Considering the problem
  • Creating solution(s)
  • Applying solutions

We cannot do our job if we do not strive to be part of this process. When you pick up the phone to speak with clients, ask those open questions, start the process to identify their problem so that we can collaborate to find and apply the relevant solutions.

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